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Battery Equalizer: BE48

What is the purpose of this device: 

This BE48 Battery Equalizer is used for the batteries which are connected in series to keep the voltage of batteries equal when the batteries are charging or discharging. When our Lithium Batteries are connected in series the individual voltages may be discharge or charge at a different rate in each cell. This will cause the batteries built-in management system to shut the battery down completely as protection.

Over the life of the Lithium LiFeP04 batteries, this potential to discharge and charge at a different rate increase. Installing this equalizer device as per the supplied instructions will ensure your batteries are kept at the same voltage at all times. 

Type of Equalizer and How it works:

The Be48 Battery equalizer is an energy transfer type equalizer. It compensates for batteries with multiple banks per system. The equalizer itself starts to work when there are 10mV differences between two batteries. As a result, the current flows from a higher voltage cell to a lower voltage cell, eventually causing each cell to reach equilibrium.

It is intended to remain connected to a battery system 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It will use your batteries energy to constantly monitor the systems voltage limits. BE48 batteries equalizer is suitable for lead-acid batteries lithium iron phosphate batteries (LFP), nickel-cadmium secondary batteries (Ni/CD), and nickel-metal hydride secondary batteries (Ni/MH). It starts work when the voltage of the actual battery is higher than 2.4V. One equalizer can connect to a maximum of 4 batteries once. If you have less than 4 batteries in your bank, the extra cables can be left vacant and insulated from short circuit.


Connect it as the following order:

  1. The red cable connects to positive/+ pole. Black cable connects to negative/- pole
  2. Connect the batteries as the pictures (connected in any order)
  3. If there are extra cables, avoid short circuits. 


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