Lithium Golf Battery Capacity Voltage

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No need to buy this voltage meter separately if you have purchased one set of Lithium Golf Batteries.

Lithium Golf Battery Capacity Voltage

Product & Cut-Out Dimensions:

Product Features:

  1. Patented product, using neutral production packaging, the surface is fully IP65 rated for all weather conditions.
  2. One-piece display port, anti-puncture sunscreen, soft press buttons for ease of use (if required) 
  3. Colour LCD material, clear light display, soft night light display.
  4. Custom battery type, suitable for lead-acid, lithium battery, lifepo4, nickel-hydrogen batteries (Voltage meters sold by Lithium Golf are ideal for Lithium Battery Cells).
  5. Display percentage shows the remaining power, voltage, temperature value ( degrees Celsius, Fahrenheit can be set)
  6. 10-100V wide voltage input, reverse polarity connection protection.
  7.  Custom delay 10-120 seconds auto turn off sleep function.
  8. Shutdown sleep low power consumption
  9. Simple installation, self-contained buckle free screw
  10. Low voltage alarm
  11. Over-temperature alarm (shared built-in buzzer setting is optional)
  12. Battery temperature real-time detection (optional external temperature probe)
  13. Open programming mode enabled.


Product Specifications:

  • Product size 61.5*33.5*13.5 mm (2.42*1.32*0.53in)
  • Mounting size 58.5*28.5 mm (2.30*1.12in)
  • Display size 33*16.5 mm (1.30*0.65in)
  • Operating voltage 10V to 100 V
  • Operating power 8/10 mA backlight on
  • Delay time adjustable 10~120S ( seconds adjustable)
  • Sleep power consumption 15/20 uA 20V
  • Voltage accuracy ±0.1 / ±0.5 %
  • Temperature accuracy ±0.5 / ±1 °C
  • Built-in standard (external 30CM probe option)
  • Temperature range -19 ~ 80 °C Celsius
Package included:
1 * Battery Capacity Indicator Voltmeter with Temperature Display
1 * Connecting cable harness.

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